Thankful Thursday #88

Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of

This week I’m thankful for…

  • riding my bike to school
  • mandarin oranges from the corner stand
  • the sound of children playing at my neighborhood park
  • grilled cheese and pickle sandwiches
  • Heavy Metal Monday spin class
  • the blooper reel of my nephew learning to ride his bike.  I love the videos of him riding successfully, but I love the faceplant videos just as much.  Okay, maybe more.
  • the first rose on the rosebush by my front door
  • floating bicycle photos by Zhao Huasen.  They are so delightfully whimsical.  Here’s my favorite.  It makes me giggle each time I look at it.  Click the photo below to see the entire collection.  They’re guaranteed to make you grin.


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