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4 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Hi! My name is Stephanie, I am the creator of the Somewhere Out There Project ( I wood burn small tokens that I call smiles with positive messages and leave them in the world to find. Our tokens have reached three continents and nine countries so far! I was wondering if maybe we could team up and get some of those involved in your kindness initiative to put out some smiles in your neighborhood! Please take a look at the website or my Facebook page and let me know what you think! Keep sharing smiles!


    1. Hi, Stephanie,
      Please email me an email address or a phone number so I can contact you and discuss this further. Thanks for your interest in partnering with Vigilante Kindness.
      All the best,
      Alicia McCauley, VK President


  2. Trying to contact someone at your organization to offer some beautiful art magazines for making the jewelry in Enjoy Magazine.


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We’re a rag-tag group of people vigilantly pursuing self-sustaining educational & employment opportunities with and for students and their families living in rural communities in developing countries. We believe in asking hard questions like, “What do you need and how can we help?” We believe that communities know their needs better than we do and that it’s our job to listen. We’re big on being kind for the sake of kindness and we believe that even the smallest acts of kindness can make a big difference. We believe in keeping vigil over one another and watching for opportunities to help, no matter how far off the beaten path those opportunities take us. We’re vigilant in our belief that God has given each person unique gifts and that one of the highest forms of worship is using those gifts to serve others. We believe God has a purpose for each life and Vigilante Kindness is our purpose. Join us as we live out wild adventures in service of God and others. Join us in committing acts of Vigilante Kindness.

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