Thankful Thursday #91


This week I’m thankful for…

  • giving my little ones new boxes of crayons for Valentine’s Day
  • the little girl who was thrilled by the “new crayon smell” when she opened her Valentine
  • three-day weekends
  • shredded chicken tacos from the Crock Pot
  • homemade ice cream topped with Magic Shell
  • walking to the movie theater on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon
  • lemons fresh from That Laura’s tree
  • spending a day with my very first student teacher who is doing an amazing job in her own first grade classroom

Thankful Thursday #89


This week I’m thankful for…

  • riding up the hill home in a higher gear than usual.  Magnolia True and I are having the best time.
  • riding The Rocket during the Super Bowl.  We had a lovely time together riding on a practically empty trail
  • Cheerios and bananas for breakfast
  • a fresh haircut
  • lunch with my mom
  • the sound of rain on the roof
  • days when the rain holds off until after recess
  • my new bicycle scarf.  It’s ridiculously soft and perfect for cold morning bike rides to school.  Wow, your scarf jealousy is palpable.

Women_s Bike-Print Jersey Infinity Scarves | Old Navy

  • my new bicycle skirt.  Are you sitting down?  Your mind is about to be blown by this adorable skirt.  It’s breezy and thin, perfect for wearing with tights.