Thankful Thursday #92


This week I’m thankful for…

  • playing Hide & Seek with my nephews
  • riding my bike to work
  • slow churned frozen vanilla custard
  • Saturdays in my pajamas
  • wearing my One Fish, Two Fish pajamas to school on Dr. Seuss Day.  Yes, I did ride my bike to school in my pajamas.
  • riding my bike home under a double rainbow backed by gunmetal clouds
  • arriving home on my bike just as it started to rain
  • this present I received from a little one at my school:
How adorable is this bike basket/bag?
How adorable is this bike basket/bag?  It gets even better…
TAGALONGS!!! There were Tagalongs inside!!! Surely I died and went to Heaven.
And look how my Sharpies look like a bright bouquet of happiness. Sigh. Perfection.