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product_thumbnailWhere I Am From: A Collection of Poems from the Children of Uganda

In the summer of 2014, Alicia taught poetry workshops with students in Gulu, Uganda in conjunction with Educate for Change.  The student poems were compiled into an anthology. To purchase your copy for $9.99, click here.

Paper Bead Jewelry:

We’re really proud to support the work of female artisans and beaders in Gulu, Uganda and Bungatira, Uganda. We love their work and are thrilled to sell their pieces to you here.

We’ve had the good fortune of locally selling of the approximately 1,000 pieces we brought back from our last trip. More pieces will be for sale in January, 2019.

93% of the profits from paper bead jewelry sales go back into our Paper Bead Project, so that it maintains the ability to be a self-sustaining project and truly supports the women of Bungatira. Watch this 2-minute video to learn more about our Paper Bead Project.


Leku Ivan and the other artists at Art Shop Gulu work in Gulu, Uganda.  They’re working artists who believe art brings healing and hope. All artists use proceeds from their painting sales to pay for necessities like food, clothing, rent, school fees, and medicine.

All paintings are unframed.  We will have paintings for sale in January, 2019.

Thanks for supporting art in Gulu!

3 thoughts on “Our Store

    1. We hope to have it on our site later this month, but it’s been selling locally faster than we can keep up with, which is a great problem to have. We have very few pieces left. We suggest looking on our Facebook page, where pieces for sale are in our photo albums. If you see something you’d like to buy, leave us a comment on Facebook and we’ll work with you. Many of our non-local purchasers have found that to be a great way to buy the pieces they want before they’re sold.


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