Meet the Board of Directors

Vigilante Kindness Board of Directors

10544776_10202399198568307_7383005796577886112_nFounder & President: Alicia McCauley
Secretary: Lauren MarkerLauren
  • In Real Life: Lauren spends her days teaching Language Arts to an amazing bunch of eighth grade students in Northern California. She considers it an honor to challenge, push, and support her students and grow alongside them. Lauren loves all things related to grammar and writing and has been published in the Oregon English Journal.
  • Gifts & Talents: Lauren is gifted in piano, teaching, writing, and caring for others (sometimes too much). She unashamedly loves public speaking, and gave the commencement speech at her high school graduation.
  • Things You Never Needed to Know: Lauren is a generally neat and tidy person, but please do not look inside her car. She loves sock monkeys and probably has ten different variations around her house–three of which are Christmas ornaments, and one of which is about three and a half feet tall.
Treasurer: Cathy NeumeisterCathy's Bio Pic
  • In Real Life: Cathy is a follower of Jesus. She’s been married for 32 years, has four (now adult) adopted children, and 5 grandchildren. In the past, Cathy was a legal secretary, a group home houseparent of delinquent teenaged boys, and a homeschool mom. Now she’s a human resources assistant at a large church in Northern California, where she also oversees a team of writers who write daily devotionals for the church website. Cathy loves animals, jigsaw puzzles, and gardening. She reads voraciously and is getting up the courage to write a book!
  • Gifts & Talents: Cathy’s talents include teaching, ministering to women, writing, editing other people’s writing, teaching the Bible, developing Bible curriculum, scrapbooking, and playing piano.
  • Things You Never Needed to Know: Cathy wishes she was an artist like her mother. She’s lazy in the kitchen and have a sweet tooth that is just barely under control. She and her husband love to travel; their favorite vacations are the ones where they rent a car and tootle around unfamiliar places, meeting people and talking to the locals, exploring the places the locals recommend. She has a reputation as a “question-asker” and likes to make people think differently and more deeply about things-she might even make you squirm a little! If Cathy sees something beautiful, she absolutely will stop to look at it! Her great passion in life is to follow hard after God.
Director At Large: Jenna Bentonimage
  • In Real Life: Jenna Benton was raised in Redding, California but now resides with her high-school sweetheart David (lovingly nicknamed The Lumberjack) in Southern Oregon. David and Jenna have been married 26 years, and have 4 children and 2 grandchildren. Jenna is a speaker and author of ‘Awkward: a 30 Day Challenge’, a book that explores personal growth with a 30 day challenge to lean into uncomfortable situations and embrace all things awkward. This year she launched her first podcast, The Awkward Project. Jenna works for Jackson County Health and Human Services in the accounting department. She serves on two non-profit boards and assists a third. She is passionate about justice and compassion and the fight against human trafficking. For more about Jenna, you can visit her website at
  • Gifts & Talents: Jenna discovered her love of creativity at an early age, and spent her childhood building secret forts, making up stories and devouring books. Although she crunches numbers by day, her true passion is storytelling. She also enjoys traveling, mentoring and singing really loudly in her car.
  • Things You Never Needed to Know: Jenna has seen every single episode of Star Trek: Next Generation. She once rear-ended a cop. She’s a coffee fanatic, loves live theater, and could eat cilantro for every meal.
LauraDirector at Large: Laura Gore
  • In Real Life: Laura has been on both sides of funding streams, working for funders as well as grantees. Currently, she works as a Research Program Specialist with the California Department of Health and Human Services. Laura enjoys spending time at home with her hilarious dog, Sting. She also loves to travel and once took a trip with the sole purpose of seeing the longest continuous burning lightbulb, the site of a crashed UFO, and the Computer History Museum.
  • Gifts & Talents: Laura finds crunching numbers fun and is used to receiving strange looks when she gets excited and rambles on about data. Her other gifts include seizing opportunities, hunting down answers, and being very, very persuasive.
  • Things You Never Needed to Know: Laura was a competitive archer and has taken first at many archery shoots. She has ridden a bicycle from Hue to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with her father. She once served a two-minute stint in solitary confinement at Alcatraz.
Director at Large: Sally WentworthSally in Bern
  • In Real Life: Sally was born and raised in Redding, California but has lived in the Washington, DC area for most of the past 17 years.  She is currently the Vice President of Global Policy Development at the Internet Society, a global non-profit dedicated to expanding Internet access for people around the world.   She has been married to Stephen Wentworth since 2008 and, together, they enjoy road trips, hiking, and adventures that get them out of the city and into nature.
  • Gifts & Talents: Sally loves taking complex problems, breaking them down into bite-sized pieces, and working toward solutions.  She’s pretty good at public speaking and particularly enjoys working in a global, multicultural environment because she loves the diversity of experience and thought that everyone brings to the table.
  • Things You Never Needed to Know: Sally has visited 43 countries so far on her journeys around the world and, as a mark of her achievement, was welcomed into the United Airlines Million Mile club in 2015.  From holding baby pandas in China to seeing Lucy, humankind’s oldest relative in Ethiopia, Sally loves a good adventure and discovering this great, big planet.  So much more to see!
Director at Large: Stacy Carle

Information coming soon!

Vigilante Kindness is currently looking for volunteers who possess talents in the areas of:
  • fundraising & grant writing
  • web design
  • non-profit experience
  • community service
  • public relations & communication
  • special events
  • outreach & advocacy
  • art instruction

If you’re interested in being on the Board of Directors, please complete the application.

If you’re interested in becoming more involved in Vigilante Kindness, but don’t see your skill set listed above, we want you, too.  Maybe you paint.  Or write.  Or take photographs.  Or ride your bike really far.  Or knit hats and scarves.  Or make jewelry.  Or make music.  Or make jam.  Or teach Zumba.  Or cut hair.  Whatever your gifts and talents are, we recognize them as something valuable, we recognize you as someone who is valued.  We see you.  We want you to consider the possibility of joining our wild adventures of Vigilante Kindness.

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We’re a rag-tag group of people vigilantly pursuing self-sustaining educational & employment opportunities with and for students and their families living in rural communities in developing countries. We believe in asking hard questions like, “What do you need and how can we help?” We believe that communities know their needs better than we do and that it’s our job to listen. We’re big on being kind for the sake of kindness and we believe that even the smallest acts of kindness can make a big difference. We believe in keeping vigil over one another and watching for opportunities to help, no matter how far off the beaten path those opportunities take us. We’re vigilant in our belief that God has given each person unique gifts and that one of the highest forms of worship is using those gifts to serve others. We believe God has a purpose for each life and Vigilante Kindness is our purpose. Join us as we live out wild adventures in service of God and others. Join us in committing acts of Vigilante Kindness.

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