Thankful Thursday #110

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This week I’m thankful for…

  • packages in the mail
  • roses cut from a student’s garden
  • my little one who wrote me a thank you note that said, “Thank you for peeing a good teacher.”  Best teacher appreciation note ever.
  • the smell of rain
  • my friend, who upon hearing I was so far at the end of my rope that I was tying a knot and hanging on, responded by saying, “And I will mend a net to catch you.”  Everyone needs a friend like her.
  • fresh apricots
  • s’mores
  • maxi skirts
  • holding hands with The Hubs
  • my stepdad, for loving my Ugandan kids
  • musical theater with six and seven-year olds
  • the smell of campfire smoke in my hair

Thankful Thursday #106

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This week I’m thankful for…

  • walks with friends
  • date night
  • Laurie Notaro’s The Potty Mouth at the Table
  • laughing so hard I cry
  • sparkly shoes
  • tall boots
  • brinner
  • headbands that almost tame my curls on humid days
  • warm jeans fresh from the dryer
  • my little one who said during our daily math meeting, “We’re math people, Mrs. McCauley.”
  • homemade chocolate chip cookies
  • the hilarity that is Ricky Gervais and Conan O’Brien in a bathtub together