Thankful Thursday #78

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This week I’m thankful for…

  • the sounds of train whistles echoing up from the canyon
  • Library Day
  • parent volunteers
  • walks with friends
  • my husband’s arms
  • unexpected cash
  • thank you notes
  • the men who continue to hammer and drill and make a clatter outside my classroom every day trying to get my air conditioner to work
  • the colorful words aforementioned clattering men shout outside my door when their attempts fail.  I can count that as vocabulary instruction minutes, right?  Right???

One thought on “Thankful Thursday #78

  1. I always love to hear the train; funny how it’s so loud at night but you never notice it in the daytime. When I moved back after two decades away, the sound of the rumbling train toot-tooting in the dark reminded me I was truly home again.


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