Thankful Thursday #77

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This week I’m thankful for…

  • my husband who tells me I’m smart.  Since he’s genius level smart, I absolutely swoon when he tells me I’m smart, too.
  • my student teacher who climbed in the A/C closet every morning for two weeks and battled spider webs to manually turn on our classroom air conditioner
  • the little one who beaded me a keychain with my name on it.  My last name is long, so it was quite the gift.
  • my little ones, even the one who pulled the fire alarm.  Maybe especially him.
  • my parent volunteers
  • the families who donated extra money to make sure everyone in our class can go on field trips
  • the return of Parenthood.  I just love that show.
  • So You Think You Can Dance.  I know for a fact that I can’t dance and I’m left in awe each time I watch an episode.
  • my Ugandan sons
  • frozen yogurt
  • the opportunity to help my friend buy her very first computer
  • days spent helping That Laura decorate her living room
  • the firefighters who worked tirelessly these last few weeks to save homes and forests
  • my friends at Writers Forum

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