Thankful Thursday #26

This week I’m thankful for…

  • days when I’m organized enough to leave school shortly after my students
  • when the mailbox has something good in it like a magazine or a package
  • the Northern California Writing Project and the opportunities they give me to learn and collaborate with my colleagues
  • nights when I don’t dream about school and the well-rested mornings that follow
  • Q Tips.  I don’t care that they’re not intended for my ears or that in putting them in my ears I may somehow puncture my brain.  I love the feeling of cleaning out my ears.
  • getting all four of the hotel pillows to myself
  • television finales and the return of summer shows
  • my husband, who attended our class musical dress rehearsal and said lovely things about my children
  • the looks on the faces of my little ones as they performed our class musical for their loved ones
  • teachers being moved to first grade this year who are comfortable enough in their own skin to ask for help
  • the opportunity to share what I love with other teachers
  • wearing my flannel pajamas, slippers and winter robe in May

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