Meet Laura, our Vigilante Kindness Treasurer

Hey, Vigilantes, Alicia here.  I’m excited to introduce you to Laura Gore, the newly appointed Treasurer of Vigilante Kindness.  If you followed along when I was blogging at Pedals and Pencils, you know Laura as That Laura. As in Laura who teaches archery to blind kids?  Yes, that Laura.  Laura who once inherited a cat named Little Baby Jesus?  Yes, that Laura.  Laura who convinced me to ride 200 miles from Seattle to Portland?  Yes, that Laura. That Laura also loves making spreadsheets and analyzing and collecting data.  All I have to say about that is thank God there are people out there who speak math.  Here’s a little more about Laura.

LauraTreasurer: Laura Gore
  • In Real Life: Laura has been on both sides of funding streams, working for funders as well as grantees.  Currently she works as a Research Program Specialist with the California Department of Health and Human Services.  Laura enjoys spending time at home with her two hilarious dogs, Skeeter and Sting.  She also loves to travel and once took road trip with the sole purpose of seeing the longest continuous burning lightbulb, the site of a crashed UFO, and the Computer History Museum.
  • Gifts & Talents: Laura finds crunching numbers fun and is used to receiving strange looks when she gets excited and rambles on about data. Her other gifts include seizing opportunities, hunting down answers, and being very, very persuasive.
  • Things You Never Needed to Know: Laura was a competitive archer and has taken first at many archery shoots.  She has ridden a bicycle from Hue to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with her father.  She once served a two-minute stint in solitary confinement at Alcatraz.


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