Meet Colin, our Vigilante Kindness Secretary

Hey, Vigilantes, Alicia here.  I’m over the moon to introduce you to Colin Higbee, the newly appointed Secretary of Vigilante Kindness.  Colin put up with me for a whole month on my very first trip to Uganda, so what he didn’t mention in his bio is that he is also a saint.  Here’s a little more about Colin.

ColinSecretary: Colin Higbee
  • In Real Life: Colin is a lifetime educator. He currently serves as a School Support Specialist with the Oklahoma State Department of Education. Prior to working with the SDE he has been a Guidance Counselor, Teacher and Camp Director in Oklahoma City, Colorado, Oregon and Alaska. He is an avid traveler and feels very fortunate to have taken part in several epic road trips.  He’s also grateful for the month he spent meeting amazing people in Gulu, Uganda. Colin is married to his best friend, Lauren.
  • Gifts & Talents: Colin’s talents include photography, writing, teaching, and the ability to fall asleep in any situation.
  • Things You Never Needed to Know: Colin can wiggle his ears. He once shook hands with George H.W. Bush.  He can perform cut down rescues from challenge courses and among certain circles he goes by Chigbee.

Read more about the fantastic collection of people we call our Board of Directors here.

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