Thankful Thursday #97

the road to Yosemite by Alicia McCauley

I’ve been traveling a lot recently and have fallen out of the habit of writing down all that I’m thankful for each week.  I’ve missed it and am glad to have a moment to catch my breath this week and give thanks.

This week I’m thankful for…

  • date night with my hubby
  • laughing so hard with the hubby that I was crying and gasping for air.  My stomach muscles hurt the next morning from laughing so hard.
  • riding my bike to school
  • good books
  • my friend who fell so hard in love with a book that she teared up telling me about it
  • Yosemite in all its fall splendor
  • the pomegranate scented candle on my nightstand
  • my VP who has my back on big things and also does little things like offer to give me bathroom breaks
  • riding my bike to school
  • listening to audio books on road trips

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