Thankful Thursday #38

This week I’m thankful for…

  • slipping in between nice, fresh sheets
  • the great parent volunteers working in my classroom
  • writing in bed early Saturday morning
  • the parents of a former student who called down the hallway “How’s our favorite teacher doing?”  It was the tail end of a long day and hearing that  made me smile.
  • Jaison, a server at Olive Garden, who made the Never Ending Pasta Bowl true to the name.  I had dinner, lunch and dinner again.  Plus when I asked if I could box up the teensy bit of leftover salad, he boxed it up and added more salad and garnish.  Best service I’ve had in a long time at any restaurant.  He really loves his job and it showed.
  • walking by the river just in time to see the sunset
  • my work-out buddy
  • lifting weights until I’m sure my arms are going to fall off
  • these beautiful flowers picked from a student’s backyard

10 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday #38

    1. stuckinmypedals

      Oops, Hippie, that was a response to my friend who had a root canal. I had one years ago and I told him it would be easy peasy. His was not. Then I remembered that when I had mine done, the intensive drilling to prep the tooth had to be done without anesthetic. Most painful experience of my life. So when it came time for the actual root canal, it was a piece of cake comparatively. All that to say that my root canal was long ago, but I will take your well wishes and send them my friend’s way.


  1. Donna Dowling

    Ok, I’m leaving a comment on your actual blog, Alicia. Not sure why it’s easier to comment on facebook. I loved hearing about what you are thankful for. It’s so nice to read posts written with positive thinking and optimism. I think you are a “glass half full” person.


    1. stuckinmypedals

      Thanks, Jim. It’s cool to see cycling get some good local press. I was just telling the illustrious owner of A News Cafe that in the future I’d love to be included as a columnist for things like that. I just can’t help writing about cycling. I heard you had a great ride this weekend-I bet Tahoe was beautiful!


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