Thankful Thursday #34

I’m on a road trip with my mom this week and will get back just in time to set up my classroom and welcome a new bunch of little ones, so I’ll be scarce these next couple weeks, but I look forward to telling you all about my road trip and other things when I return. I hope you’re living a great adventure right now, too.
This week I’m thankful for…

  • celebrating 15 years of marriage to the love of my life.  Our life is so, so good.
  • SHARK WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • the man a couple of rows in front of me at the A’s game who caught a foul ball and gave it to a kid sitting in our section
  • kayaking on the lake with lots of different groups of friends
  • the awesome bike necklace Abby made me
Bike Necklace by Abby Jeanne Jewelry & More
  • my friend who told me a story that thoroughly disgusted me and just seconds later had me laughing so hard I cried
  • lunch at a friend’s house followed up by her homemade blackberry pie.  That pie made me weak in the knees.  I may dream of that pie tonight.
  • my very first byline

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