Thankful Thursday #23

This week I’m thankful for…

  • a trip to Huntington Beach.  It’s my favorite beach and I saw these little guys on the pier.  Notice how the tortoise seems to be clueless to the fact that he’s facing the complete wrong direction.  Notice also how the parrot is clearly terrorizing the tortoise.  I am so the tortoise.
  • dancing next to Ellen on the Ellen show.
  • road trips and the feeling of joy I get when I come back home
  • long bike rides when my legs feel like they could pedal forever
  • watching a dragonfly nymph emerge from its exuvia for the last time as it becomes an adult dragonfly
  • when I took a wrong turn on a bike ride and it led me on a prettier route than I’d planned
  • the book I published with my class this year.  All my hard work paid off when I saw the looks on their faces as they held their very own words in print.  It’s just magical.

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