Thankful Thursday #18

This week I’m thankful for…

  • the NCAA basketball tournament because I love watching the underdog win
  • my friends who made me lemon blueberry cake just because I requested it
  • my teacher friend who is retiring and bequeathing all of her writing resource books to younger teachers
  • the patch of blue sky that peeked out Saturday reminding me that winter won’t last forever
  • riding on the river trail when the river is so high that the water laps at the trail, even flooding it in places
  • riding with newbie cyclists who are excited to ride ‘long distances’ like 15-16 miles
  • remembering when 6 miles was a long way to ride my bike
  • the fact that my class is too young for state testing.  Yes and amen.
  • waking up early and reading a good book before heading off to work

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