Thankful Thursday #16

This week I’m thankful for…

  • bike rides with friends
  • my new little one who wrote this in his notebook “I’m thankful for my home.”  Makes me wonder if there is a place for Thankful Thursdays in my classroom.  Hmmm…
  • my little one who wrote this about her mom “She is pretty like white, shiny milk.  She is so beautiful, I can’t believe it.  It knocks me down how much I love her.”  Her mom recently had brain surgery.  I’m pretty sure those are the kinds of words that lend speed to recovery.
  • the parents of my little ones who took time at our parent teacher conferences to thank me and tell me how much their children love being a part of our class.  Those words sink down deep and warm my heart.
  • my little girl who told me in a moment of quiet exclaimed “I love math!  No, wait-I love reading!  No, wait-I love writing!”
  • outside recess
  • outside recess.  I know I mentioned it twice.  Trust me, this week I was doubly thankful for it.
  • my husband who offered to make me dinner after a particularly rough day
  • books that are so good, I can’t put them down.  If only I could force myself to stay awake a little longer at night to read them!
  • my little one who brought in $10 of her own money to donate to our change drive for the local rescue mission.  Her mother, touched her daughter’s generosity, matched it dollar for dollar.

5 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday #16

    1. stuckinmypedals

      Thanks, Katie. They are a special group of kids, something I needed to remember this week as some of them showed their more challenging side this week.


  1. I used to mail handwritten letters to parents telling them “how WELL” their child was doing. I sent it out the strategic 1st week of December, so upon returning from winter break I never had a misconduct problem rest of term!


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