Thankful Thursday #3

This week I’m thankful for…

  • the little girl who told me that I have beautiful hair like a movie star.  I didn’t ask which one because I thought I’d just better leave well enough alone.
  • walking my old neighborhood with my mom
  • the jar of peppermint nougat Christmas tree candies my mom gave me
  • falling asleep to the sound of rain
  • the light of the Christmas tree
  • sitting on my couch reading O magazine after a rough day at work
  • my student who got a paper cut on her finger and said, “It feels like my finger has a headache.”
  • the dragonfly necklace my friend made me for Christmas
  • the little boy, who moved away earlier this year, and called me this week to tell me all about his new class, his new house, and to tell me about his letter to Santa.  I only told him I missed him 7 times.  And my eyes only watered a little bit when it was time to say goodbye.
  • my friend, Abby, who was featured here for the stunning necklaces she creates
  • Christmas music on Pandora

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