Name My New Bike: Part 2

Suggestions are rolling in for the quest to name my new bike.  I tried again this morning to get her to tell me her name, but the ride to school was so icy cold that my teeth were chattering, and in an act of solidarity she rattled her basket all the way down the hill and onto campus.  Between the racket of my chattering teeth and her rattling basket, conversation was nil.

Flowers for my new bike.I’m trying to woo my new bike and what better way to woo than to give her flowers?  Yesterday I added flowers to her basket.  Yes, the polka dots on the flowers match the polka dots on my bike purse and panniers.  The flowers also match the cup holder I’m making, but more on that another day because the cup holder has turned into quite the project and at this current moment in time, it makes me want to say bad words.

Lots of them.

Is it just me or is my bike starting to look like an adorable dog/bike?  On a side note, I  have a neighbor who is an occasional cyclist, meaning when we’re both getting the mail at the same time, we talk bikes and trails and then we part ways.  I’m less embarrassed than I should be that he’s caught me twice in the last week snapping glamor shots of my new bike in the front yard.

After a lovely weekend together riding to the craft shop for flowers, to the bike shop for a part for the $%*#&$!%# cup holder and to tea with a friend, my bike is remaining quite tight-lipped about her name.

You’ve offered some fantastic suggestions thus far.  Since name suggestions are coming forth in the comments section, on Facebook, via text and even in person.  I have a pair of favorites, but just when I thought I knew her name another great suggestion came and then I was back to square one.

The suggestions are:

1. Sidney Bristow.  This one came from my husband who knows I loved the show Alias and that Jennifer Garner who played Sidney Bristow also played the movie character Electra.  Clever guy.

2. Trudy. This one came from my friend, Nick, who loves all things cycling.  Frankly, I don’t get it.

3. Sheila.  Another one from Nick.  Still baffled.

4. Pearl. This one came from my friend, Jen, and this name seems to have struck a chord with a few of you.  Makes sense being that her official color is pearl white.

5. Rita. Another suggestion from Jen.

6. Alice. Jen again.

7. Magnolia or Maggie for short.  According to my friend, Julie, my bike whispered this name in Julie’s ear while Julie was reading.  Julie says, “Magnolias are beautiful as the white blossom and yet strong and sturdy as the tree.”  Trees have special meanings for Julie and I so this suggestion made me tear up just a teensy bit.

8. Cloud 9.  Another great suggestion from another great Julie.

9. Truly.  This suggestion came from my dear friend, Jenna.  She posted a link to this video which made me smile all day long.  It’s physically impossible not to be in a better mood after hearing this song.

There they are, folks.  I’m giving my new bike until Friday to reveal her name.  So weigh in with any final thoughts and suggestions before then.  If she hasn’t introduced herself by Friday, I’ll choose a name from your suggestions and I’ll just start calling my bike that name.  People do that with dogs, right?  I told you she’s starting to become like a dog/bike.  😉

5 thoughts on “Name My New Bike: Part 2

  1. haha! I sang that song to myself ALL. DAY. LONG. Over and over. It was hilarious. I imagined you humming it while you rode to work, which is so funny for some reason. And I loved it because the kids are singing about things that tell you their names. And because Sally Ann Howes is wearing a lovely, poofy white dress with ruffly white pantaloons underneath. On the beach. With a stupendous bow in her hair. Perfect. Do you remember that creepy guy in the movie who said “I smell children!” Gives me the shivers just thinking about it. Almost as scary as those monkeys in the Wizard of Oz. Anywhooooo….I can’t wait to hear her name! I’m sure it will be delightful.


    1. stuckinmypedals

      I sang it on my bike, getting all the words completely wrong, but singing loud and proud nonetheless. It was awesome! The song, the kids, the outfit, the giant bow-all of it is perfect.

      I don’t remember the creepy child smeller. Yikes! Makes the Oz monkeys seem warm and fuzzy.


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