This morning during independent reading one of my little ones motioned me to his desk.  I hurried over and he looked up at me with his baby blue sparklers.  This kid is darling, impish, but darling.  He’s always asking the best questions.  Plus his hobbies include playing football, reading and sewing.  How could I not love a kid like that?  There’s never a dull moment with this little one and I like that he keeps me on my toes with his inquisitive mind.

This morning he called me over and said “Mrs. McCauley, girl privates…”  He paused for a moment and I braced myself for impact.

Lord in Heaven, I hoped it would be a relatively innocuous question.  I took a deep breath, leaning down by his desk so that whatever came next could be quietly discussed.

He continued. “Girl privates have to stay in the helicopters during missions, but boy privates can get out of the helicopters.”  He held up a page of his book for me to see.  My face flooded with relief when I realized he was reading a book on the military.

I laughed and said “I’m so glad to hear you say that.”

“You are?”


“I don’t think you should be glad because it doesn’t seem fair that girl privates don’t get to do all the stuff boy privates do.”  He was indignant.

“Kiddo, you don’t know how right you are.”  I laughed and then walked away so I could compose myself.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

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