Dear Shark Week,

Dear Shark Week,

Thank you for being at the beginning of August so I can lay around all day and watch sharks without feeling guilty.  You rank in my top three favorite weeks of the year right next to Easter and Fourth of July.  Now don’t be all mad that you don’t have the #1 spot.  Resurrect the Son of God or shoot some fireworks and then we’ll talk.  At any rate, I love you, Shark Week.


The girl in the shark socks

P.S.-To buy a ‘Live Every Week Like It’s Shark Week’ t-shirt, click here.  And then call me so we can wear them on the same day and be twinsies.

3 thoughts on “Dear Shark Week,

  1. We love Shark Week! It’s one of the few programs that ALL of us like — mom, dad, the adult child still living at home, the two teenagers who seldom come out of their rooms because they are on their computers or texting 24/7 (but they come out for Shark Week), the 10, 9 and 7 year olds…who, I must say, are the biggest fans of Shark Week… and finally the 5, 4 and 2 year olds are just fascinated by it, because seeing sharks that up close? Are you kidding me? It’s better than seeing the real Santa Claus. Yep, we all come together for Shark Week. And I just trip out that I found someone who actually did a blog post about it! I thought I was the only blogger who loves Shark Week!


    1. stuckinmypedals

      Katrina, welcome! I’m ecstatic that your entire family loves Shark Week-and from the sound of it that’s a lot of love! Have a happy Shark Week!


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