15 Hours and Counting…

A day or two before I lead a workshop on writing I come to a point where I’m convinced I don’t know anything about teaching writing.  In fact, I work myself into such a frenzy that I’m convinced I don’t know anything about writing or teaching on their own and that I should quit everything and work the checkstand at Safeway.  The crazytalk runs rampant.

NaNoWriMo is a mere 15 hours away and I’m all a jitter, worrying about plot lines, character names, and the word count.  Oh, the word count.  I have to find 1,667 words a day.  And they have to, like, go together and stuff.

I’m not even sure I know 1, 667 words.  My days are pretty much filled with lots of teachery talk and then random grunts I have leftover for Terry because the classroom has vacuumed up any reasonable semblance of thought I had for the day.

1,667 words a day for thirty days straight.  Egads.  So I’m spending today battling the crazytalk, by eliminating anything that might offer itself up as an excuse not to write every single day.

1. I finished report cards so they wouldn’t be lurking about in November.

2. I’m doing massive amounts of laundry so I have at least enough clothes to wear for the next two weeks.  Terry’s wardrobe is not nearly as expansive as mine, so he might be sporting some pretty odd combinations.

3.  I’m hitting Costco and FoodMaxx in one swoop today.  I loathe grocery shopping, but I can just see myself staring at the computer screen, typing nothing, rummaging in the fridge, finding nothing, justifying going out to eat, and then going to bed with a full stomach and empty pages.

4. I made a playlist that I’m hoping will inspire greatness.  If not greatness, then at least length.  If nothing else, it will send a clear message when I’m in public that I’m listening to music and I don’t want strangers talking to me.  Or touching me, as has happened in the past.

5. I’ve notified everyone in my life that I will be no fun in November.  If you didn’t get that call, consider this your warning.  I’m not letting myself go out and play until I’ve met my daily word count.  And chances are when I do come out and play, I’ll still be wandering the halls of my story.  So, forgive me for November and I promise to be fun in December.

6.  I’ve picked up a Safeway application just in case.

8 thoughts on “15 Hours and Counting…

  1. Patti Lenahan

    So I just read your blog about being absent in November. I just sent you a message asking about a first grade writing rubric. Sorry!
    Happy writing. I love the phrase “wandering the halls of my story”.


    1. alicia

      Hi, Patti,
      It’s not a problem at all to get a rubric to you. It will give me incentive to get my daily word count done so we can chat for a few minutes. Hope your writing is going well!


  2. Patti Lenahan

    Hi Back,

    I am coming down tonight after an SST but need to get to The Kitchen Place before they close to buy my ticket for the home tour Saturday. Let me know if I could pick it up. Whatever is easiest for you! The weekend is fine but I won’t be home most of the day Saturday.

    Thanks so much.


    1. alicia

      I will be doing writing stuff most of the day Saturday, so how about Sunday? I’ll do my best to remember to bring them home so we won’t have to go by BC. Have a great time at the home tour.


  3. Patti Lenahan

    Hi Again, I didn’t get away from BB until almost five so I was late getting in and then had to go by Barnes & Noble. Sunday is fine, thanks again! Patti


  4. pkittle

    So I’m afraid that you’ll have to amass a little more than your requisite days’ word count in anticipation of at least a little going-out-and-doing-fun-stuff in Philly. We will definitely limit your laptop time when we’re, say, having dinner or meandering through Independence Hall.


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