Are We There Yet?

A new school year is nearly here and I’m so eager to get started that I feel like I’m perpetually leaning forward, kinda like when I’m watching a tense movie and I can’t wait to see what happens next.  It’s not that I’m tense about the new school year.  I’m just about to burst waiting to see what happens next.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks giving my room a complete overhaul.  Re-arranging furniture to facilitate partner work stations.  Cleaning out files, cupboards, cabinets and ridding my room of anything resembling clutter.  I recovered my bulletin boards in different fabric, replacing harsh colors with calming blues and greens.

My summer was spent filling my brain with books on literacy and writing instruction.  Just when I thought I would overflow with good ideas, I went to an Interwrite training and left with even more ideas on how to provide dynamic instruction.

Yesterday as I wrote out nameplates for my incoming kids, I couldn’t help but wonder what they’re like.  Which kids will make me laugh?  Which kids will devour books so quickly I can’t keep up?  Who will beg to be my after school helpers?  Which kids will blow me away with their compassion?  Who will puzzle me and make me discover new ways to teach?  Which of these little ones will take my passion for writing and make it their own?  Who are these kids?  I’ll meet them Friday and Friday can’t come soon enough.

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