What’s Right In My World

“Celebrate what’s right in the world.”  This is the mantra of DeWitt Jones, world-renowned photographer.  I heard him say it a couple of weeks ago and it keeps circling in my mind, flashing behind my eyes.  And so today I am celebrating what it right in my world.

-My husband snoring next to me in bed.

-Dragonflies twittering at the purple blooms of my butterfly bush.

-The river, always the river.

-Cutting through the surface of the lake on days like this:

-The smell of newly sharpened pencils, waiting to etch out stories pent up in the brains of five and six-year olds.

-The spin of my legs on my pedals as my heart keeps time.

-The smell of Terry’s neck.

-The book of James.

-The mercy of God.

-Reading on the last Saturday of summer vacation.

-Empty desks waiting to be filled with eager little bodies.