Thankful Thursday #14

This week I’m thankful for…

  • my blogger friend, Hippie, who bestowed the Stylish Blogger award on Pedals and Pencils.  I’ve been called a lot of things, but never stylish.  So thanks, Hippie.  And hello, friends of Le Cahier.  Kick off your shoes and stay awhile.
  • writing Haikus with my little ones
  • dresses with tights and tall boots
  • the rainbow that streaked the sky after a day of unrelenting rain
  • the rare pleasure of sleeping through the night
  • my little one who wrote “Yippee ki yay, Mommy’s home!” in his notebook the day after his mom returned from Kuwait.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.
  • dancing with my favorite five-year-old.  It doesn’t matter that I have no rhythm because all he wanted to do was spin.  Works for me.
  • my hubby’s prickly stubble against my cheek
  • the woman sitting next to me in church during worship who couldn’t begin to carry a tune-and didn’t care one bit
  • days when exercise takes the form of walking by the river with a friend
  • the two little girls who were swinging on the playground after school.  It was sprinkling and they were swinging and singing at the top of their lungs having a grand time.

2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday #14

  1. Alicia,
    This is such a good idea…I need to practice gratefulness more often. I’m sure it helps you to reflect on your life, live more fully, and be more aware of everything around you. Do you mind if I borrow this idea for my own blog?


    1. stuckinmypedals

      Hi, Katie, I’d love it if you took the idea and ran with it on your blog. Even better, post a link in the comments of mine on Thursdays so we can all visit and read your list, too. 🙂


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